there are a lot of things that i dont talk about.

staying out too late. drinking too much.

ive done that.

staring into the eyes of my newborn baby.

staring at the ceiling; wondering if it would all be better tomorrow.

staring in amazement at something that has just gone…

That is what you can expect from me.

You can expect that I will put nothing less into you.


You are my Wife. You are my Children. You are my Family. My Neighbor. And you are my Friend.

So you can expect Everything.

I dont want you to feel…

You have been together a long time.

and the fire isnt out.

but its smoldering.

barely hanging on.

Men. That’s on you.

remember when you were dating?

when you went so far out of your way to impress her?

When was the last time you did that?

its on you.

My Sons are 16 and 14. This is what i want them to know.

Man Up.

Be strong enough to do what is right when there isnt anybody to catch you doing wrong.

Care enough about others to help when nobody else wants to help.

Know that you are nobody’s…

There are all kinds of Fathers in the world.

Most of it has to do with how involved a Man, or a man; is willing to be involved in the lives of his children.

Any male can make a baby.

It takes a Man; not a man; to be a…

That is how many chances you get.

you get to do this One Time.

You do not get any do-overs.

Decide for yourself what that means.


And you do not get to know when it is going to be over.

One Time.

You may be really cautious. really careful.

my mom is sixty seventoday.

we arent supposed to publish the age of a woman. i know. dont care.

my mom was born May 16th. 1953.

that makes her sixty seven.

happy birthday mommy. this is for you.

my mommy; my children call her Nonnie, is one of two of…

Greg Wilker

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